September Cut Flower Harvest from the Garden

This year, I intentionally added a lot of new-to-me flowers to the cutting garden. During my time making flower arrangements, I have quickly learned that variety is a major key to success. Let’s take a closer look at some of the gorgeous flowers that I was able to pick from the garden. 

Pictured above is a Peaches n Cream dahlia. Peaches n cream dahlias were extremely difficult to find this year. Their extreme popularity is understandable. After all, the shading and colors on this flower are absolutely stunning. My plant didn’t bloom very much this season, I’m hoping that next year will be better.

I also have quite an assortment of cafe au lait dahlias this year. Each of these flowers came from different cafe au lait dahlia plants. You can see that the blooms really can vary quite a bit in color. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve noticed different suppliers beginning to sell them separately.

I love cafe au lait dahlias so much, it’s really difficult for me to try to pick my favorite shade of purple/pink/cream.

This season, I’ve really loved to mix together unexpected colors in my vases. The yellowish zinnia is floret golden hour zinnia, and the other is queen lime red zinnia. I was so pleased to see how nicely these two colored “went” together in my flower arrangements.

It has been insanely interesting to watch the varying shades of the golden hour zinnia change throughout the growing season. Now that the weather has cooled, nearly all of the purple tones in the petals have gone. So pretty!

Last, but certainly not least, I’ve finally had success with globe amaranth gomphrena. In the past, I may or may not have just let the weeds grow up around the garden beds. This year, I’ve been rewarded to these petite little globes.

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