Late Season Cut Flower Garden Update

It’s almost that time of year – when we’ll end the summer garden and start planning and planting for fall. I can’t help but feel that this summer has been pretty upsetting and terrible. For the first time ever, I’m glad that winter is coming. Let’s take one last look around, shall we?

I was so pleased with the Benary’s Giant zinnias this year. They grew and grew and grew. I was so thankful for the armloads of cut flowers that they provided. I’m almost certain that the powdery mildew will overtake them soon.

Here’s a closer look at my small gomphrena patch. I had a lot of trouble picking them as cut flowers. It seemed like they would almost always start to wilt. At this point, I’m actually not sure that I would try to grow this again unless I just had a lot of extra garden space.

I really did like the purple color/

This is the Myrthe dahlia. It proved to be one of my favorites. This picture just doesn’t do it justice. Myrthe is so bright that it seems to glow when the sun is shining.

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