Daydreaming About Dahlias in the Cut Flower Garden

We’re back with another look at many of the numerous dahlias that are growing in the cut flower garden this year. 

Above is the Sandia Brocade dahlia. I have such mixed opinions about this variety. The blooms and colors of this plant are absolutely gorgeous. The flowers are numerous, and I absolutely adore the anemone shape. However, I’ve found that they lose their petals very quickly here in my yard. I have yet to be able to pick any of these flowers with the open center (as pictured) and with petals in tact for flower arrangements.

The Isabel dahlia is finally starting to bloom. As anticipated, I am TOTALLY JAZZED. Seriously, look at those colors!!! This dahlia is the pretty shade of purple with these amazing tones of peach/orange throughout. Definitely one of my top favorites from this season.

Another stunning dahlia – Steve Meggos dahlia. I’ve always been drawn to larger dahlias, but these copper peach colors of this dahlia is simply stunning. I know it’s repetitive, but seriously.

One thought on “Daydreaming About Dahlias in the Cut Flower Garden

  1. New for me this year is Blue Bayou Dahlia ( anemone style). I have only had 2 flowers so far and I have the same issue with the outer petals falling off prematurely. Thanks for posting your experience with your anemone style dahlia. We live in WNC – Western North Carolina.

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