Even More Time with Dahlias in the Garden –

The last several weeks in the garden have been dark and dreary. It’s been so cloudy and there’s been so much rain that I haven’t even been able to pick flowers or weed. However, with a small break in the weather – I just knew that I need to go out, take some photos, and do some deadheading. Let’s look at some of the other dahlias that are in bloom. 

Above is the incredible Harry Meggos dahlia. I absolutely LOVE large dahlias, and this one is no exception. This plant is currently covered in HUGE blooms. The flowers start out in shades of yellow and become progressively more soft orange as they open. Harry Meggos is definitely a keeper!

Another interesting specimen is the Nonette dahlia. Nonette dahlias are chimera types, which mean they should have speckles and all kinds of unique coloration. A quick google search will show you that my plant is not ideal. Rather, it seems to have gone completely red. I’ll likely give this Nonette dahlia tuber another chance to produce the correct blooms next season. If not, I’ll just toss it or give it away to someone who wants to nice red dahlia in their garden.

Getting the lighting to cooperate in the yard can be really challenging. The photo above does not do justice to the beauty of the Crichton Honey dahlia. Crichton Honey dahlias have quickly become one of my absolute favorites. This is truly one plant that you’ll need to grow in your own garden to fully appreciate. So pretty!

Another new to me variety is called Tahoma Kellie dahlia. Though I’m not usually drawn to purple varieties, Tahoma Kellie has not disappointed. The plant itself is over six feet tall and producing a copious amount of blooms. I can’t wait to keep to propagating this one for even more flowers next year. Best of all, the bugs seem to leave this flower alone for some reason. Every single flower is flawless.

Speaking of bugs, the Charlotte Mae dahlias seem to be attracting them! As you can see from the photo above, nearly every Charlotte Mae dahlia bloom has been damaged. Even so, the colors of these flowers are just beautiful. I especially love the subtle shades of pink/purple blush in the center. I’ll definitely be saving this tuber to grow again – maybe with a little bit of insect protection this time.

Another beauty in the garden is the French Doll dahlia. The photo above shows two blooms from the same plant. I have really enjoyed watching the various colors of pink, peach, and yellow.

I’ve already showed the David Howard dahlias in a few other posts, but I couldn’t resist showing it again. As you can see, this bloom has what I call a “wacky center”. I just love with the center of dahlias go kind of crazy with petals. David howard dahlia is so incredibly pretty.

Creme de Cognac dahlia has quickly become another of my favorites. The colors of these blooms are just so unique. The Creme de cognac plants, themselves, are also really robust. These dahlias have bloomed through the intense heat of summer in stride. This one is definitely a keeper!

Speaking of dahlias that can take the heat. NTAC Mia Li dahlias has also bloomed well throughout the hottest weather – in profusion! The color of this plant is soft, subtle, and absolutely gorgeous!

The Myrthe dahlia has been another absolute stunner! While the photo doesn’t completely show it – these flowers absolutely GLOW in the garden. In the future, I would love to plant an entire row of these glorious blooms!

This lone bloom is from the Bristol Karma dahlia. Despite my best efforts, this plant has not done as well as I would have liked. Even so, the color is stunning. The shape and size remind me a lot of the Hilltop Lost Treasure dahlia, but with an ever so subtle color difference. Very pretty.

The Margie Day dahlia is still growing well. I just love the petal coloration and the ever-so-slight hints of purplish red on the undersides of the petals.

Here is the first Hillcrest Kismet bloom of the season! Much like some of the others, this flower is much more vibrant in person. The pink shade of Hillcrest Kismet is truly intense. As soon as I saw the flower, I knew that this one was going to be a keeper!

Check out that spider that was hiding in my Neon Splendor dahlias while I was taking pictures. I’ve always had a great appreciation for the intense color of Neon Splendor. If you’re looking for an orange/red bloom – this one is definitely worth the consideration.

Last, we have the Wizard of Oz dahlia. While I’ve shown these before, they continue to produce blooms. Nearly all have been open centered this season, and honestly, they’ve been a little bit of a disappointment. Only time will tell whether or not I choose to keep growing this variety.

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