Sunflowers and Celosia: Another Cut Flower Harvest

Nothing marks the end of the growing season like big buckets filled with sunflowers. I know that most flower farmers plant in succession, but its simply not possible in my small yard. Let’s take a closer look at what I grew. 

Here’s a bucket filled with Procut Bicolor sunflowers. I know that these are way past their prime for picking, but this whole season has been kind of weird and wacky anyway.

I’m actually not sure what type these are. They didn’t grow well, and the bugs seemed to favor them.

This Procut White Lite. For whatever reason, I never got around to taking a picture of the full harvests of these, but this one was a late bloomer.

More of the Procut Bicolor blooms.

This is Procut Horizon sunflower. I really love how richly the petals are colored. The dark centers look really nice, too.

I finally got around to picking the Kurume Mix celosia.

I love everything about the Kurume Mix celosia. I think that the colors are so cool, not to mention the weird shape. These totally look like brains.

Procut Gold sunflowers are always a favorite of everyone I give flowers to.

A closer look at the celosia.

Starburst Panache sunflowers are so cool. I definitely want to plant more of these next season.

Pampas Plume Mix celosia in shades of green/yellow.

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