Harry Meggos Dahlia: A True Monster of a Dahlia!

This year truly marked a first time success in the cut flower garden. While I’ve been able to grow some dahlias before, I was so happy to see that they really thrived this season. One of my unsuspected favorite varieties was the Harry Meggos dahlia – let’s take a closer look.

Though the blooms of Harry Meggos are huge, I don’t think they get any large than 10 inches. Even so, the multitude of petals is absolutely stunning. To a total garden newbie like me, seeing these massive flowers bloom felt so incredibly satisfying.

The colors of the flowers as the petals unfurl are spectacular. Even though I’ve seen this one listed as an “orange” dahlia, the colors are often more coppery and salmon-like. As the blooms continue to open, the grower is greeted with a vibrant yellow center that’s totally awesome.

The above photo shows a closer look at the insane coloration of the petals. I

Though some of the flowers were lighter than others, the entire plant was covered in flowers. Considering its size, I couldn’t have been happier to see such a productive plant.

Harry Meggos dahlia is definitely I plant that I intend to keep and to propagate. Have you ever grown this dahlia before? If so, I’d love to hear all about your experiences in the comments below. I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

4 thoughts on “Harry Meggos Dahlia: A True Monster of a Dahlia!

  1. Aaaahhhhh, that is such a gorgeous color! I grew ‘Vassio Meggos’ this year, and if Harry performs anything like Vassio, he’s next on my list. I’ve been thrilled with the vase life on Vassio, I’ve gotten 6-7 days if I cut them at just the right time, and it’s one of the only dahlias I’ve grown which continues to open up in the vase. And sometimes the petals nearest the center are subtly weird and curly and fun.
    Plus, I didn’t rub off a single bud, or prune a main stalk, I just let everything that was trying to grow, grow, and it pumped out at least six blooms per plant that were 10-12″, and many more that are only a tiny bit smaller.
    They started blooming weeks earlier than my true dinnerplate dahlia (‘Fairway Spur’, flippin’ gorgeous flowers, but only a few truly impressive blooms per plant, and they took soooooo looooong to bloom), are just as big, and have given out more big blooms per plant. Easily my favorite dahlia to date, I’m looking forward to trying out the other three in the ‘Meggos’ group, too.

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