Night Silence Dahlia: Uniquely Dark and Mysterious

Last winter, I made a lot of dahlia orders on a whim. After receiving a gift card for Eden Brother’s from a family member, I decided that I would order the ‘Romantic Mix’ dahlia pack. Included in this pack of 5 tubers was Night Silence dahlia. Though very similar to my Creme de Cognac dahlia, I was really pleased with its performance all season long. 

Night Silence dahlia is very different from many of the plants that I grow, simply because of the color. Rather than being super bright and vibrant, these are very much a “rustic” color – which ranges in shades of yellow to deep purple.

Though I didn’t make many flower arrangements with dahlias this year, I was consistently pleased with the length and strength of the stems.

While I know that these muted colors aren’t everyone’s favorite, I’ve really enjoyed have Night Silence dahlia in my garden this year. I’ll definitely be keeping it to continue propagating. Have you ever grown Night Silence dahlia before? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below. I hope you’re having a great day!

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