Lilac Time Dahlia: Unique, Vibrant Purple Dahlias

Much like blue, purple is one of those colors that can be difficult to find in flowers. While darker maroon or burgundy colors are common, a true purple can be hard to get – enter Lilac Time dahlia. 

In purchasing Lilac Time dahlias, I was really expecting a soft lavender color. Imagine my surprise when my garden was filled with these bright purple flowers! Each plant produced an abundance of blooms, but the stem length wasn’t the greatest. In fact, it would have been very difficult to try to use the blooms for cut flower arrangements.

Even still, I couldn’t help but enjoy having this dahlia in my garden. Since my Lilac Time dahlias were planted next to the bright orange David Howard dahlias, the flower bed was especially bright!

Lilac Time dahlias truly look different in every light. Above you can see what the flowers looked like on a very cloudy day. No, the camera wasn’t playing tricks on me – it really did look like the flower blooms were practically glowing. Overall, Lilac Time dahlia was a very nice flower. I’m not sure that I will continue to plant it in the cut flower garden, though. What do you think? Have you ever grown Lilac Time dahlia before?

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