This year, we collected tons of dahlia seeds for the first time ever! Hooray!

Growing dahlias from seed is exciting in that you can never predict what the flowers will look like. While most will produce single flowers, there’s still possibility for some really lovely double and multi-color blooms. It is for this reason that I thought it would be fun to start a dahlia growing project together.

When the plants bloom, they are considered to be a unique variety. This means that you can name them, propagate them, and sell them as you please. The only thing that I ask is that you share photos of your blooms on Instagram or any other social media so that we can share the results with our garden community.

Please read each of the guideline for the free seed below:

  • Each person will need to pay for postage/envelopes, hence the price of $1.00
  • Limit 1 seed packet per person, please.
  • United States shipping only. All other orders will be cancelled.
  • Germination rates can vary dramatically with dahlia seeds. This is due to seed maturity and genetic compatibility.
  • Each packet will also contain some chaff from the seed saving process.
  • It is possible for dahlia virus to be transmitted through seed. I always do my best to maintain a healthy garden. However, any seedlings that show signs of various dahlia viruses should be removed from the garden immediately.

Please visit the link below to get the seeds. Thanks so much!

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