Growing ‘Shock’ Chrysanthemum for Shockingly Beautiful Blooms!

Though I chose to grow several larger varieties of florist mum this year, I also picked several smaller types that are best suited to growth as sprays. ‘Shock’ chrysanthemums were one of these spray varieties. I was initially drawn to this choice because of the bright pink/purple photo on the King’s Mums website. Imagine my surprise when these vibrant flowers started to open.

Shock chrysanthemum is somewhat similar to an anemone type of flower, in that the center doesn’t really open and has these uniquely shaped petals which are different than those around the outside. This makes these super cute for use in cute flower arrangements.

The large sprays of flowers were also extremely easy to grow and required very little care or attention from me.

Like all chrysanthemums, the vase life of Shock mum was excellent, as well. This is definitely a variety of florist mum which I want to continue to grow in the future. What do you think? Have you ever grown this chrysanthemum before? I’d love to know your opinion in the comments below. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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