Bill Holden Chrysanthemum: A Pretty Pink Florist Mum

When I ordered the ‘Bill Holden’ chrysanthemum, I was expecting a flower which was more of a darker saturated pink. However, I am continually surprised by the flowers that the garden produces compared to the photos on websites and in catalogs. Even though Bill Holden mum isn’t what I had expected, I still really enjoyed having it bloom this fall. 

Bill Holden chrysanthemum is technically classified as a reflex mum in shape. That fact is definitely apparent when it comes to the form of the blooms.

The color of my flower blooms also ranged quite a bit from very pale to soft pink. While shades of pink aren’t necessarily what most people consider to be “fall colors”, I really liked how soft the color was!

Overall, I think Bill Holden chrysanthemum is a beautiful addition to my mum garden. What do you think? Have you ever grown Bill Holden chrysanthemum before? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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