2021 Seed Haul: Flowers for the Summer Garden

While many people are just beginning to plan their 2021 summer gardens, I have just finished my seeds orders. It seems that this is the one task that I consistently finish early in the garden. With the colder weather outside, I can’t help but start thinking about the next growing season. At the request of some lovely people over on YouTube, I thought that I would make a full list of what I’m planting in summer. It should be noted that this list does not include everything that I planted last fall – just the seeds that I’ll be sowing this year. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • Unicorn Mix Zinnia
  • Little Flower Girl Mix Zinnia
  • Lavatera Pink Regis
  • Potomac Appleblossom Snapdragon
  • Madame Butterfly Mix Snapdragon
  • Cool Orange Snapdragon
  • Italian Allegretta Petunias
  • Voyage Deep Rose Lisianthus
  • Rosanne Green Lisianthus
  • Rosita Red Lisianthus
  • Timeless Mix Ageratum
  • Green Thumb Amaranth
  • Rocket Mix Snapdragon
  • Chantilly Mix Snapdragon
  • Lime Basil
  • Sunday Mix Celosia
  • Bombay Mix Celosia
  • Kurume Mix Celosia
  • Silverdrop Eucalyptus
  • Double Delight Sunflower
  • Double Quick Orange Sunflower
  • Harlequin Sunflower
  • ProCut Brilliance Sunflower
  • SunFill Green Sunflower
  • Double Ladies Mix Hellebores
  • Silver Cup Lavatera
  • Benary’s Bright Pink Zinnia
  • Benary’s Coral Zinnia
  • Benary’s Salmon Rose Zinnia
  • Queen Mix Zinnia
  • Uproar Rose Zinnia

8 thoughts on “2021 Seed Haul: Flowers for the Summer Garden

  1. I also ordered Little Flower Girl Mix and Unicorn Mix Zinnias. I’m so excited to try them! The pics of the Unicorn Mix you posted last year look beautiful!

  2. Very interest to see and hear about what you think of the sun fill sunflower. Have you grown those before? Iā€™m so intrigued by the pictures, but not sure what they are like in real life.

  3. Doubles Ladies Mix Hellebores from seed?! That IS thinking long term! Your flowers always look amazing as does your photography. You have some great skills there, lady!

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