End of January Cut Flower Garden Update – 2021 FLOWERS

Now that it’s January, it seems as if it was ages ago that I finished planting the fall garden. Even though the weather is cold, that doesn’t mean that the flower garden isn’t full of life. Let’s take a quick look at some of the plants that are growing –
Last November, I planted several varieties of Dutch Iris. Much to my surprise, most of them have already started growing. The ‘Tiger Mix’ is already several inches tall. I can only expect that these will be some of the first flowers to start blooming. So far, I haven’t noticed any signs of growth from the daffodil or tulips bulbs. I can only imagine that they won’t be far behind. 
Our low tunnel filled with anemones is also doing well. I was very late in getting the anemones into the garden, so I was very worried that they wouldn’t sprout. As you can see above, the corms have grown quite quickly and are now looking nice and green. Here in my yard, I can expect anemones to come into full bloom sometime in March. I’m very excited to see this larger planting. The unheated hoop house is also looking quite green. So far, this winter has been incredibly mild. In fact, we’ve only had a couple nights fall below 20F. It’s also been drier than normal. This has really helped in keeping down issues with mold. I really hope that this pattern of beautiful weather continues.

The ranunculus that got a late start are also starting to put on new growth. As you can see, the plants have nearly tripled in size since the last update here on the blog. Here’s hoping that we’ll have a spring season that is absolutely bursting with blooms. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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