Winter Flower Update – FEBRUARY 2021

In one of my more recent posts, I remember hesitantly mentioning that the weather this winter had been very nice. Over the last two weeks, however, that has definitely changed. Like many, my garden has been covered in ice and snow – not to mention the constant freezing temperatures. Now that things are finally starting to melt, I thought that it would be fun to take a quick look around the garden.

Despite being on it’s third growing season, my pvc hoophouse and plastic sheeting is working well. During portions of heavy snowfall, it was really important for me to go outside and knock the snow off the top. If I hadn’t, it would have most certainly collapsed.

As you can see from the view down the center, everything still looks nice and green. The lowest temperature over the past few weeks was 2F. For this reason, I added an additional layer of agribon row cover to my plants. I really wanted to make sure to minimize the chances of losing plants.

Most of the above ranunculus plants are doing well, with the exception of a few that have yellowing leaves. I’m not sure what has caused this, so I’m going to continue to monitor it. It seems that the smaller plants were able to handle the cold exposure much easier than the larger plants. 

Last, we have the anemones. These anemones are growing under a layer of agribon. Before the snow arrived, I added another layer of plastic. Now that temperatures are returning to normal, I can start uncovering them during the day again. Hopefully, they will still put on more growth before they start blooming.


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