In Bloom: ‘Pastel Mix’ Anemone Coronaria in the Cut Flower Garden

Last fall, I planted quite a big patch of anemone coronaria flowers. I was most excited to see it bloom, as I was growing a new-to-me blend of corms called the ‘Pastel Mix’. Though the name ‘Pastel Mix’ anemone is pretty vague, imagine my delight as the flowers finally began to open. 

The first flowers to open in early March (zone 6b/7) were these – a beautiful blend of white and dark purple/blue. The purple/blue shade of anemone has always been my favorite to use in cut flower arrangements. We’ll take a closer look at some of the other colors in the mix further down this post.

Unfortunately, the lighting in my photos has been a little off lately. However, I do feel that it shows the amazing depth of color within each bloom. You can see that most of the blue/purple starts are the base of the bloom are flares/fades upwards towards the tip of each petal.

The other prominent color in this mix is red and white. Though I personally would not consider this a pastel shade, it is still quite lovely. I’ll admit, I’ve had a lot of trouble finding other flowers to use in a flower arrangement with this one. Unlike the purple/blue flowers, the red blooms always have a much more prominent ring in the middle of them.

Some of the flowers in the mix have been more white, rather than displaying any color. The black pollen is especially noticeable on these blooms. When I pick the flowers very early for use in arrangements, pollen drop isn’t an issue. This messy photo is purely the result of me waiting too late to pick them and take pictures. Sorry about that!

So far, I am insanely pleased to have been about to grow this mix. This blend of colors is truly beautiful. Have you ever grown ‘Pastel Mix’ anemone before? If so, I’d love to read all about it in the comments below! I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

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