‘Avalanche’ Daffodils are Seriously Cute!

When I was making my first bulb orders last year, I couldn’t help but be drawn to ‘Avalanche’ daffodils. Rather than producing one large flower, each stem creates roughly 6-10 blooms. This makes them an extremely interesting addition to vases and cut flower arrangements.

The ‘Avalanche’ daffodils in my garden are much shorter than the other varieties that I planted. While this can be expected, somewhat, I think the weather may have also played a role. Many of my bulb orders were shipped very late last year. In some cases, I wasn’t even able to plant my daffodils until the end of December. I think that this, in combination with a warmer than usual winter, could have magnified the short stem issue. It will definitely be interesting to watch how the flowers perform next season.

Even still, I knew that I had to snap a few photos and share these super cute flowers. The blooms are white, with the tiniest of pale yellow cups. I find that, like most, this yellow color begins to fade and change the longer that the flowers are open.

In the photo above, the ‘Cassata’ daffodil blooms give a really good comparison in size. Though ‘Avalanche’ daffodils don’t make the biggest visual statement in the garden, I am so eager to keep growing them. What do you think? Have you grown ‘Avalanche’ daffodils before? If so, I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below. I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

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