Sneak Peek: An Abundance of Color in the Early Garden

Though I haven’t yet started to upload all of the photos from this spring’s daffodil trial, I just knew that I had to share of sneak peek of some of the beautiful blooms that have been opening! As I continue to work in the garden, I plan on making an individual post for each of these flowers. Of course, I’ll also be uploading the full tour version on YouTube!

Since I only planted a few bulbs of each type, I don’t have large numbers of each flower. However, I definitely feel as if I have enough to get a firm grasp of which ones are my favorites. Like many, I’m most drawn to all of the different shades of peach and coral.

Are you growing any daffodils this year? Which one has been your favorite so far? I’d absolutely love to hear about your experiences in the comments below. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!

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