In Bloom: ‘Pink Wonder’ Daffodil

While I may have touched upon growing ‘Pink Wonder’ daffodil last season, I couldn’t ignore it when it burst into bloom again – especially with our ongoing daffodil trial in the backyard cut flower garden. I originally began growing this flower as a part of a bargain split cup corona mix. Unlike ‘Cassata’ and ‘Orangery,’ which bloom earlier, this one starts to open up about 1-2 weeks later.

When it comes to growing daffodils, the term “pink” can really range greatly. A lot of flowers open up pinkish/salmon and begin to fade in direct sunlight. ‘Pink Wonder’ daffodils are planted in one of the sunniest places in my garden. I am consistently impressed with their ability to hold their delicate color.

As with so many of the daffodils that I’ve already shown here on the blog, a close-up is definitely needed. While older flowers have fully pink cups, you can see that some of the new blooms have a really pretty yellow-ish edging.

Unfortunately, I was unable to take a photo of the actual ‘Pink Wonder’ daffodil plant. The flowers don’t seem to be particularly heavy, but a very strong thunderstorm had caused mine to hang and droop this spring. Have you ever grown ‘Pink Wonder’ daffodil before? What did you think? I’d love to hear all about your experiences in the comment section below. Until next time, happy gardening!

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