‘Peach Cobbler’ Daffodil: An Unexpected Surprise in the Cutting Garden

When I first started gardening, one of my main motivations was to give an accurate account of the things I grew in the garden. I really focused on taking pictures, because it seemed like my plants almost never looked like the photos that were in the seed catalog. Though ordering online has definitely gotten much better over the years, I’m still occasionally surprised. As it would happen, ‘Peach Cobbler’ daffodil was very much a surprise.

When placing my order for daffodil bulbs last fall, I was eager to grow a large peachy colored double bloom. Upon opening, ‘Peach Cobbler’ daffodil produced enormous double flowers that were the faintest shade of pastel yellow with darker yellow centers. After my initial shock, and checking the label, I began to take a closer look.

Though not at all what I had expected, ‘Peach Cobbler’ daffodils are still very much a winner for me. The blooms are large and full. So much so, that even a few flowers can make quite a visual statement. The foliage and stems are also very strong. Despite their size, the plants held the flowers very high – making them a very nice addition to the landscaping.

While I didn’t notice any fragrance when picking the ‘Peach Cobbler’ Narcissus for a vase, I have quickly come to appreciate the beauty and robust nature of this variety. Have you ever grown ‘Peach Cobbler’ daffodil before? If so, I’d love to hear all about your experiences in the comments below. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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