Disappointing Daffodils: ‘Dick Wilden’

‘Dick Wilden’ daffodil was easily one of the varieties that I was most excited to see bloom for the first time. I had first seen it growing on Instagram and was drawn to the magnificent double blooms. At the last minute, I decided to order a package of ten bulbs. By the time they had finally arrived, it was already January – very late to be planting daffodils!

When the ‘Dick Wilden’ daffodils began growing this spring, I was disappointed to find that only three blooms had opened. Furthermore, they¬† were¬† short!

I’m certain that my very late planting time and warmer than usual winter temperatures are to blame for this year’s failure with the ‘Dick Wilden’ daffodils. This spring, I’ll be careful to make certain that these beauties receive the proper care. Here’s hoping that next season will be better!

One thought on “Disappointing Daffodils: ‘Dick Wilden’

  1. Hopefully you’ll get a better result next year after the bulbs have time to really get settled.

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