‘Top Lips’ Tulips: A New Garden Favorite!

Now that we are well into the discussion of the various tulips that we grew in our enormous flower bulb trial this year, it’s once again time to show you one of my favorites. ‘Top Lips’ tulip bulbs were actually quite difficult to find online. After seeing the beautiful combination of pink and white, I knew that I had to try growing them.

‘Top Lips’ tulips are actually very similar to ‘Columbus’ tulips – with the colors reversed. I love the appearance of the white tips and the deep pink centers that give the blooms just that much more depth. The foliage is very unique, as well. As you can see in the jar above, they have a very faint variegated pattern that is also quite attractive.

Though most of the flowers in my 10-pack of bulbs were very uniform, I did have one flower that was extra interesting. I thought the weird veining on this bloom was absolutely gorgeous. I wish that there were an entire variety just like it!

My only complaint about ‘Top Lips’ tulip is that they were somewhat short. Still, once they bloomed I had no issues using them as cut flowers in small vases. Have you ever grown ‘Top Lips’ tulip before? What did you think? I would love to see this variety take off in popularity in the coming years. Be sure to let me know all about your experiences in the comment section below. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!

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