‘Amazing Grace’ Tulips: Fluffly, Pink Double Blooms

I first started growing ‘Amazing Grace’ tulips last season when I planted a mix of bulbs from Dutch Grown called ‘Peony Party.’ True to that name, ‘Amazing Grace’ tulips produce enormous double peony-like blooms. Though I have shown this tulip on the blog before in various flower arrangements, I was unable to find a post that was solely dedicated to this variety.

‘Amazing Grace’ tulips bloom in a very attractive pink color. The flower also features dark stamens which add to the overall visual interest. Unlike some other varieties with black stamens, I haven’t noticed that the flowers begin to drop the pollen into the petals, which can sometimes make a huge mess in arrangements.

Have you ever grown ‘Amazing Grace’ tulips in your own garden? What did you think? As always, I would love to hear all about your experience in the comment section below. Thank you so much for visiting the blog!

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