‘Tiger Mix’ Ranunculus: One of my New Favorite Flowers!

Building my own DIY hoop house in the backyard has easily been one of my best investments in terms of pursuing my own flower farm. Learning to grow and overwinter cold hardy flowers has been key. In this, I have steadily increased the number of ranunculus corms that I plant each fall. In 2020, I planted several new-to-me varieties of ranunculus. So far, I have really enjoyed seeing them bloom. One variety, called ‘Tiger Mix,’ is easily one of my favorites.

I purchased my package of ‘Tiger Mix’ ranunculus corms from the Floret website. Since the site always sells out so quickly, I felt very fortunately to have gotten my order in.

When April finally arrived in my unheated hoop house, I was excited to see that the plants were budding up. Soon, the flower buds would begin to show the first signs of their beautiful picotee patterns.

Once open, the interesting green centers immediately grabbed my attention. While I really like the range of cream and white/pink colors of this mix, the green bits in the middle add an amazing amount of appeal to this flower.

Something about the ‘Tiger Mix’ ranunculus remind me so much of the freshness of spring. The overall shape and amount of green seems to vary quite a bit from one flower to the next.

My personal favorite color within the ‘Tiger Mix’ ranunculus are the white flowers with the bright pink edges. The yellow and bright pink combination is also very nice. This is definitely a great mix for gardeners who like to add a little bit of excitement into their flower beds!

Have you ever grown ‘Tiger Mix’ ranunculus before? What did you think? I’d love to hear all about your experiences in the comment section below. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog. Happy gardening!

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