Cut Flower Harvest from the Garden

I absolutely love picking flowers. Sure, making arrangements is fun – but I really enjoy going outside and cutting a colorful bucket full of blooms. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the beautiful flowers that I’ve been picking recently. 

Despite having quite a bit of difficulty with the rain, I was able to pick quite a bit of the Salmon Grace godetia. As you can see, the brightness and uniformity of this variety is absolutely insane. While in bloom, the clarkia patch often seemed to be glowing whenever the sun was shining brightly. 

I’ve also been picking Colorado Mix yarrow. I planted a small patch of yarrow two years ago, in my small perennial flower bed. Though I only have a few plants which are actually growing, you can see that they produce an absolutely stunning array of colors. The peach and ivory tones are my favorite. They remind me of antique lace. 

Shasta daisies have also taken a place in my perennial border. I know that they’re nothing special, but I always get excited when I grow plants which are new to me. This single flowered variety makes a very nice addition to cut flower arrangements. Unfortunately, it seems that the bugs really like these white blooms, too.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Nicotiana. This year marks my first ever success in growing this cut flower. I’ll make certain to report back as soon as I learn more about growing these colorful flowers.

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