The First Dahlias of the Season

If you’ve been following along, you already know that growing dahlias was something that I really wanted to focus on this year. Admittedly, I don’t have the best record when it comes to staking and weeding. However, despite my garden neglect, many of our plants are starting to bloom. 

This lavender colored bloom is a ‘Sweet Surprise’ dahlia. This one was an import that I got in a three-pack online. As you can see, the center on this bloom is wide open. We’ve also got quite a bit of bug damage already beginning to show. Either way, I do really like this gentle lavender color.

My favorite among the early blooming flowers, I’m not actually sure what this plant is. Unfortunately, it does not have a label. I really did try my best to keep things labeled this year, but this one seems to be lost. It’s either a Creme de Cognac dahlia or a Night Silence dahlia. I just love the dark purple color on the reverse of the petals, very pretty. 

When this flower started to bloom, I was a little confused. When I made my dahlia orders this year, I didn’t remember ordering any white flowers. That’s when I realized that it must have been included in a mix pack. Now, I’m certain that this is a ‘Peace Pact’ dahlia. Though I’m not a fan of white flowers, I’m sure I’ll be able to use it for cut flower arrangements. The stems on this one seem especially strong.

Beginning to open now is the ‘Margie Day’ dahlia. I ordered this one on a whim. In fact, there weren’t very many pictures of this one. I’m so happy to see that it’s opening to a nice combination of orange, yellow, and purple. Stay tuned for more dahlia updates!

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