My First Ranunculus Wreath! DIY Fresh Flower Wreath from the Cutting Garden

One of the most exciting aspects of growing a cut flower garden has been learning to make different floral arrangements. I have absolutely zero experience related to arranging flowers, but a supporter from Patreon encouraged me to try making a fresh flower wreath.

With an abundance of ranunculus flowers in the garden at the time, I knew that a spring wreath loaded with ranunculus would be perfect. To complete this project, I used about three buckets of fresh flowers in total – in shades of pink and orange.

Here are the materials that I used. Before deciding to use floral foam, I encourage everyone to do their research about its use and the chemicals that it contains. I almost never use floral foam, but made the exception for this request. I also used 11-inch zip ties, waterproof floral tape, and a 24-inch wreath form. The total cost of supplies was just under $40.

After the foams had soaked in water, I added them to the frame using the zip ties and the waterproof tape. The process wasn’t too difficult, but it definitely made a huge mess.

The last task was to clip each flower stem and insert them into the foam. The entire process was surprisingly simple and took only about two hours to complete – including picking the flowers. I can only imagine how expensive something like this would have been, provided that I had not grown the flowers in the garden. Thank you so much for visiting the blog!

One thought on “My First Ranunculus Wreath! DIY Fresh Flower Wreath from the Cutting Garden

  1. It’s so pretty! How did you keep it going after you inserted the flowers in the foam — did you have to rewater it? I would love to know how long it lasted.

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