Finally! Success With Scented Stock

If you’ve been following along here on the blog for a few years, you already know that I’ve had the worst luck with trying to grow scented stock. However, it looks as if perhaps this year is when that all begins to change! Though this is certainly not a post about how to grow scented stock, I couldn’t help but want to share my excitement.

This season, I had my first success with ‘Column Mix’ stock. The ‘Column Mix’ is among the cheapest of seed packets for stock that can be found online. I had honestly almost given up on growing stock in my garden when these brilliant pastel blooms started to open.

In growing stock in the hoop house, the main issue has always been related to the arrival of mold whenever temperatures consistently dip below about 30F. Thanks to extra attention from me and a warmer than usual winter, the stock plants looked very healthy for most of the cool period.

I didn’t try to select the plants for double flowers, so I had both growing in my garden. Whether single or double, each flower spike smelled absolutely beautiful. I’m very excited to try growing these plants again in the future.

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