Another Summer Flower Arrangement – Blue and Purple Blends

It’s not exactly a secret that I haven’t been feeling like arranging many flowers this year. I think it is likely a combination of being overwhelming and having planted way too many different things in a growing space that is much too small. Still, when I saw that these beautiful ‘Doppio Allegretta Mix’ petunias had started to bloom, I knew that I had to put them in vase.

‘Doppio Allegretta Mix’ petunias are great for use in flower arranging. Like many of the old heirloom petunia varieties, they produce blooms on stems that are exceptionally long. The large double flowers are so richly saturated, I can’t help but feel that the photos just don’t do them justice.

We also had several really beautiful hydrangea flowers blooming in the garden this summer. Though my hydrangea bush has been severely neglected over the years, I am consistently impressed by its performance.

Sometimes, I wonder if blue and purple actually “go together” in arrangements. Regardless, I really liked making this vase of flowers for myself. What do you think about this color combination? I’d love to hear all about your garden experiences in the comment section below. Thank you so much for visiting the blog!

4 thoughts on “Another Summer Flower Arrangement – Blue and Purple Blends

  1. Love it! I think the blue & purple look great!! I am in South Florida (originally from New Jersey) and I always miss hydrangeas, and also forsythia!

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