‘Doublini Blue’ Lisianthus Vs. ‘Echo Lavender’ Lisianthus

Though this is not the first time that I grew lisianthus, it is the first season that I’ve grown several different varieties. Completely new to me this year are some of the more unique “blue” colors of lisianthus. I was so excited to see them finally start to bloom!

The ‘Doublini’ series consists of lisianthus that produce “minature” flowers are sturdy sprays. The ‘Doublini Blue’ lisianthus blues in my garden were about half the size of the others. Still, the plants produced tight flowers that very much resembled roses.

The ‘Echo’ Lavender lisianthus was yet another of my favorites. The color is such a true pastel! Unlike the other, these flowers were very large and ruffled.

When paired together in a vase, I couldn’t help but feel that they looked absolutely beautiful! If I had the chance, I would definitely grow both of these varieties again in the future. What do you think? Have you ever grown these? If so, I’d love to hear all about your experiences in the comment section below. Thank you so much for visiting the blog!

3 thoughts on “‘Doublini Blue’ Lisianthus Vs. ‘Echo Lavender’ Lisianthus

  1. I’ve only grown Lisianthus from plugs; I wish they were easier to grow because they are so gorgeous. They look fragile, but are very heat resistant. “Mariachi Lime” is my favorite color, because it’s a true green with no yellow. The dark purple shades are my next favorite.

  2. Those are beautiful, and definitely look like roses! I am having a hard time imagining the scale of the flowers. Approximately how large are the blooms?

  3. Should they be transplanted in pots or right in the ground after frost warnings.

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