In Bloom: ‘Vedetta’ Gladiolus

‘Vedetta’ gladiolus were yet another of the “fancier” varieties that I selected to grow this season. According to the online listings that I found, the blooms were supposed to be a beautiful shade of peach yellow. Though the color wasn’t exactly what I had expected, it was still quite lovely.

The ‘Vedetta’ gladiolus were especially attractive to pollinators. In fact, there were nearly always large bumblebees bouncing from one bloom to the next.

Much of the outer petals of were a darker orange-peach color, while the center was more yellow.

While I’m not certain if I will grow ‘Vedetta’ gladiolus again in the future, I did very much enjoy using it in cut flower arrangements. Have you ever grown this variety before? What did you think? I’d love to hear all about your experiences in the comment section below. Thanks so much for visiting the blog!

One thought on “In Bloom: ‘Vedetta’ Gladiolus

  1. I have a hard time cutting flowers when the bees are all over them! I would consider growing these just for the pollinators. That yellow is so pretty!

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