Fall Garden Update – Late Season Dahlias and More!

If you’ve been following along with me on other social media, you already know that this season has definitely been a little bit of a roller coaster. Nearly nothing has gone according to plan, and as a result, my fall garden is a mess. Still, I wanted to quickly share some of the things I have growing.

Though the chrysanthemums are just starting to open up, the dahlias are continuing to bloom. I really neglected them this year, in terms of water and trellising. Above, you can see one of the very first dahlias that was grown from seed this year. I love that it’s such a bright, vibrant color. There are also some really pretty shades of orange towards the center that the camera didn’t pick up. I’m definitely going to try to save the tubers for this one when the frost finally comes.

I’ve also started several trays of hardy annual flowers. These snapdragons are getting much bigger than I wanted before being able to transplant. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a good home for them soon.

The trays of scented stock are also doing very well. I’m not excited about getting these into the ground, as I never seem to have very good luck with stock here in my garden.

I’ve also started the process of getting my ranunculus plants started in trays. What garden chores are you doing this fall? I’d love to hear all about your plants in the comment section below. Thank you so much for visiting the blog! I hope you’re having a beautiful day!

3 thoughts on “Fall Garden Update – Late Season Dahlias and More!

  1. Hi. I wanted to say you have inspired me. Also you helped me Not to be afraid of Cool Flowers and ranunculus. After months of being worried, that they all may die. I came to the conclusion. Oh well I had a grave yard of dead seedlings this past season at spring time. I am in Zone 6 B Gettysburg Pa. I have learned a lot since those seedlings this past spring. I have educated myself watch a ton of U tube videos. Books taken some online classes. Watched you. I am a bit luckier then you. Also about 30 years older. I am 61 years old. WE bought property 13 years ago with 17 acres. Purchased tractors and what you would need for this acreage. I am starting a flower farm. I have order and received most of my bulbs seedling are almost in they garden, I know a little late. And seeds sown in the other beds. I thank Mother Nature. She has given us lots of warm weather here in Pa. This Thursday 80.
    On one of your U Tube videos about 6 weeks ago. You mentioned that a person said they could not believe you were on U tube giving advice. They said many cruel words. First you are gorgeous, kind that you give you flowers to others. And I for one thank you for the education you have given me on this new adventure. I believe that person is envious and jealous. But the only control we have is what we choose to do. My husbands family lives in Lexington Ky. If ever we are there to visit. We would love to meet you.
    Sandy Allen
    Pretty Petals Farm LLC

  2. I have been following you for a while now and STILL absolutely love all your flowers & the fantastic close-up shots you get of them. We have a small farm in Colorado (Zone5) but we are also trying to be self-sufficient so most of our growing in for food. We try to have our unique flowers in our front yard so we can enjoy them any time we look out a window. We put Marigolds and Dill in EVERYTHING to help keep bugs down naturally, but your beauties have ours beat. Thank you for sharing because I am also a crafter and part of that love is learning watercolor painting. I knit, crochet, embroider (learning Crewel), make holiday cards, woodworking, drawing and painting. Your close up pics always give me fantastic ideas for my attempts at watercolor painting (notice I said “attempts” – LOL!). I just learned from the last response that you have a YouTube channel so I will go check you out there too. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

  3. I don’t do much social media, so I have not seen what is going on. I’m sorry that you’re in a roller coaster period of life. Hoping things calm down for you soon and that you continue to post your gorgeous flower updates. I enjoy them so much!

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