Winter Sowing Grape Vine Cuttings?

Despite having a tiny backyard, one of the most exciting things that I’ve been working on recently is trying to build my own plant stock. I’ve always wanted to grow grapes, so decided to take the dive into rooting my own grape cuttings. In general, rooting grapes is pretty simple. However, I wanted to experiment with it further – using the winter sowing method.


After preparing my winter sowing container, I needed to take a look at the grape cuttings. Above you can see that I’m trying to figure out which end is “up.”

Next, all I did was stick the cuttings into soil and then close the lid of the winter sowing container. I’ll be leaving this outside in a sunny place for the remainder of winter. My gardening instinct tells me that this process will work just fine. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. I hope that you’re having a great day!

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