PHS Daffodils – PART 1

Last fall, I made my first order from PHS daffodils. PHS specializes in hard-to-find narcissus. Though much more expensive than large wholesalers, I absolutely couldn’t resist taking the plunge to buy some of these unique varieties. Below, you’ll find the daffodils that are currently blooming in my garden.

Above, is the the ‘Lavender Bell’ daffodil. Though none of my flowers opened to resemble any color close to lavender, there’s little doubt that these blooms were lovely. The outer petals of this flower is a really nice pastel yellow, and the cup is a pale pink. The flowers in the photo had gone through several rain flowers and appear to have held up quite well.

This ‘Paul’s Glory’ daffodil had also held through quite a few rain showers before having its picture finally taken. This variety produced medium sized cups in a peachy coral tone. One characteristic that I found particularly attractive was the ruffled bit around the edges of the cup.

So far, these ‘Cockatiel’ daffodils are one of my absolute favorites. It’s no secret that I love pink flowers, but this variety is truly something special. The inner cup is such a delicate blend of pink and white – and it changes with age! I wish that I could plant an entire row of this gorgeous plant!

Above, is the ‘Thrice’ daffodil. As the name would imply, you can see that the cup is actually split into three parts.

‘Strawberry Creme’ daffodil is yet another one of my favorite fancy daffodil flowers. The peachy-salmon bits on this variety were absolutely huge!

In keeping with the theme, this ‘Strawberry Pie’ daffodil was truly stunning. There’s something about the way that the rosy pink color fades to yellow that makes this bloom truly magical.

Last, but certainly not least, is the ‘Jayne Mansfield’ daffodil. In my garden, most of the flowers remained this muted yellow color – much different than some other photos that I have seen online.

What do you think? Which daffodil was your favorite? I’d love to hear your thoughts down in the comment section below. Thanks so much for visiting the blog!

2 thoughts on “PHS Daffodils – PART 1

  1. I can’t get over how pretty Lavander Bell is. I wish I could get these kinds of Narcissus in my country.

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