In the Garden: ‘Bella Blush’ Single Tulips

With such limited space in the garden, it is very seldom that I select single tulip to grow. However, I had to make an exception for the ‘Bella Blush’ tulip – because it was pink! In my constant search for pastel pink flowers, I knew immediately that I wanted to give this cultivar a try.

Imagine my excitement as the first ‘Bella Blush’ tulips began to open in the stunning soft shade of pink seen above. In addition to their great color, the blooms are held high on very strong stems that are perfect for use in the cutting garden.

Like most singles that I’ve ever grown, ‘Bella Blush’ tulips opened up very quickly. While it’s ideal to pick them before they pop open for the first time, that’s always quite difficult on a warm spring day.

Have you ever grown ‘Bella Blush’ tulips before? If so, I’d love to hear all about it in the comment section below. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit the blog! I hope that you’re having a fabulous day!

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