Growing ‘White Explosion’ Daffodils for the First Time

Since beginning my collection of backyard daffodils, a true double white variety was one which I was truly missing. In my effort to find a nice pure white flower, I decided to try growing ‘White Explosion’ daffodil. After one season in the garden, I am so incredibly pleased with their addition.

When the ‘White Explosion’ daffodils first began to bloom, I was actually quite surprised. Rather than pure white, each fluffy double bloom was edged with beautiful shades of a yellow-gold-green-ish color. Though it definitely was not what I had expected, I was still quite pleased with the overall size and shape.

As the flowers continued to age, the pure white color became more prominent and much of the gold faded. These aged blooms were much more like what I had expected at planting time.

Though I didn’t notice that the ‘White Explosion’ daffodils had a particularly strong fragrance, they were great for use as cut flowers. In addition to having a long vase life, these daffodils were held high on very strong thick stems.

‘White Explosion’ daffodils were such a welcome addition to my cutting garden that I’ve already placed a small order for more bulbs this fall. I’m excited to expand my collection. Have you ever grown ‘White Explosion’ daffodils before? What did you think? I’d love to hear all about your experiences in the comment section below. Thank you so much for visiting the blog!

One thought on “Growing ‘White Explosion’ Daffodils for the First Time

  1. White Lion, a double white, has heads are so heavy that they often bend over to the ground before they are ready to harvest. They also are picky about how “half open” they are when harvested. If not timed “just right” they often don’t open or if they do, the vase life isn’t as long as other daffs and they are NOT fragrant. How does White Explosion compare to White Lion in these issues? White Explosion sounds way better. A good white for cutting is needed.

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