An Arrangement in Shades of Blue

Mid-summer is always a difficult time for flower arranging in my small backyard. While most of the spring flowers have finished blooming, I’m often left with a small window in which there are very little plants blooming.

Fortunately, some of the summer annuals had already started to bloom. Above, are the very lovely double doppio petunias. Rather than the more common bedding types of petunia, this variety produces stems that are tall and strong. This makes them perfect for use in cut flower arrangements.

My hydrangea bush also begins to bloom at this time. While I wasn’t initially certain if this bright blue would combine well with the subtle shades of purple petunia; I think that the finished product turned out quite nice.

In an effort to tie the purple and blue colors together, I also added several stems of bicolor dianthus. This specific variety is from the ‘Sweet’ series of Dianthus barbatus.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts down in the comments below. Thank you so much for taking the time visit the blog. I hope that you’re having a fantastic day!

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