Review: Menagerie Bare Root Roses

This year is the first time I’ve had the space to plant roses. In the past, I had a couple bushes – but even then, they struggled to find enough sunlight in my tiny backyard. Though I was able to buy a few bushes wholesale, some of the really popular varieties were unavailable. Luckily, I was able to find them in stock elsewhere.

I was first lured to the Menagerie bare root website by the gorgeous pictures. The prices were also very reasonable compared to some of the other sites that I visited. Once my order arrived, I was really pleased to see that the box had been packed well. I love it when a business takes the extra steps to show that they genuinely care about a customer’s experience.

The shipping box container a small muslin baggie. Inside was a small packet of gummy bears, a coupon code, a planting card, as well as each of the individual consumer info cards for the roses that I had ordered. In this package, I received a ‘Koko Loko’ rose and a ‘Honey Dijon’ rose.

After having removed the bare roots from their shipping bag, I was pleased to see their size. Many of the roses on the website are grafted, but several have the option to purchase those which are own root.

Have you made a purchase from Menagerie before? What did you think? I’d love to hear all about your experiences down in the comment section below. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit the blog! I hope that you’re having a great day!

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  1. I ordered a few from Menagerie last year but got most of mine through Grace Rose Farm this Spring. They’re offering a ton of new florist varieties too that have me drooling!

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