My New Favorite: ‘Stef’ Daffodils

Every so often, I stumble upon a new-to-me plant that is absolutely gorgeous. While one part of me wants to show everyone, the other parts want to keep it a secret. I first grew ‘Stef’ daffodil last year, and I instantly fell in love.

‘Stef’ daffodils produce large flowers with very ruffled cups. The edging around each cup is this insanely beautiful shade of peachy-pink.

‘Stef’ daffodils have been an absolutely gorgeous addition to cut flower arrangements. In fact, I think I’m going to go ahead and order some more these now – before the likes of Floret and everyone else on the plant realizes that they’re missing out. For now, this can just be our little secret.

2 thoughts on “My New Favorite: ‘Stef’ Daffodils

  1. These are so beautiful! You’ve inspired me to order some for next year 🙂 As I know that you love double and pink daffodils (I do too), I thought I might suggest a daffodil variety to you called ‘Tender Beauty’. I have it growing in my garden and it’s my absolute favorite out of all my many daffodils! It’s an exquisite and delicately gorgeous cut flower. You might love it too. Happy spring!

    1. I ordered a small number of those last fall. They’re just now starting to bloom – they’re so pretty! I definitely want to get a few more! Happy gardening!!

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