The First Flower Jar of the Season – April 2023

It has taken a lot of work to begin settling into this new growing space. I am so far behind, that many of my spring flowers have gone completely ignored. It wasn’t until earlier this morning that I finally had the opportunity to to pick some blooms for a small jar.

This jar consisted of ‘Astronaut Andre Kuiplers’ tulip, ‘Stef’ daffodils, ‘Tender Beauty’ daffodils, and a lovely mix of salmon ranunculus.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much foliage in the garden yet. What do you think? Are you ready for spring flowers? Thanks for stopping by the blog!

One thought on “The First Flower Jar of the Season – April 2023

  1. I am SO JEALOUS of your ability to grow ranunculus! They are beautiful. I have tried and failed 4 times.

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