My First Hellebores!

Since I first saw them years ago, I have always wanted to grow hellebores of my very own. Still, I knew that it just wasn’t possible in my old backyard. Upon moving, buying a handful of these gorgeous plants was one of the first things I did!

I ordered my hellebore plants from Bluestone Perennials. I’ll admit to being quite hesitant, as I would consider each to be on the pricey side. Fortunately, my worries were put to rest when I opened the box above – brimming with lush, green foliage.

Each plant had been neatly nestled into their shipping container, surviving their voyage to my house in great condition.

Though Bluestone uses these biodegradable pots for most of their plants, I usually remove them. After planting, I watered each of the hellebores well and wished them luck and happiness in their new garden bed.

Do you grow hellebores? Do you have any tips and tricks to help mine as they become established? I’d love to hear all about your experiences down in the comment section below! Thank you so much for visiting the blog!

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    I don’t really have any tips to offer, mainly because my hellebore is so carefree, it has become one of my favorite flowers. It has just finished blooming from its start date of Feb.26! It is planted next to a north-facing wall. I was concerned whether it would survive because we had -20 degree days last winter. An unexpected plus to the plant is the flowers dry beautifully in silica gel.When not in bloom, it has glossy evergreen leaves, I hope your hellebores perform just as well forcuou. I am in zone 6.

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