Planting New Gladiolus Bulbs

So, I may have bitten off quite a bit more than I can chew this season. I had honestly forgotten how difficult it is to prepare new garden beds. Pair this with a “farm” without water or electricity, and things get a lot more complicated. Still, I did manage to plant the majority of this season’s gladiolus bulbs.

As with most plants that I grow, I chose to order smaller quantities of several different types. I’m planting a total of 12 different varieties this year.

To plant gladiolus bulbs, I just dug a narrow trench. This way, the bulbs will be set at a depth that is about twice their height.

The double wide row allows me to get quite a few corms into the bed. In the past, I’ve tried to use the intensive garden technique with glads, but it has never worked. It definitely seems that they despise any kind of competition.

Are you growing any gladiolus this year? Which varieties? I’d love to hear all about it down in the comment section below! Thanks so much for taking the time for visit the blog!

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