Mini Tour: Bearded Iris 2023

This season marks the first time that I have ever grown bearded iris! Though most of them are still in containers, many have started to bloom. I thought that it would fun to quickly snap some photos of my favorite varieties so far. Hope that you enjoy!

‘Cloud Dweller’ iris is a gorgeous combination of yellow and white.

‘Celebration Song’ iris opens to reveal an absolutely dreamy combination of pastel shades.

Mauve and pink, ‘Entitled’ iris has been one of my absolute favorites – it also smells a little bit like root beer.

‘Angel’s Rest’ iris was the very first variety to open. Imagine my surprise when I saw this gorgeous shade of pink!

‘Padded Shoulders’ iris is white, with these very pretty salmon-orange markings.

‘But Darling’ iris stands out quite a bit, as it was the only type that I purchased that had those signature dark purple falls.

‘Cotillion Gown’ iris is such a lovely muted, champagne tone.

I assume that ‘Center Line’ iris gets its name for its dark purple veining.

Lastly, here is ‘Mimosa’ iris. Which one was your favorite? I’d love to hear more about your experience growing iris in the comments below. Thank you so much for visiting!

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