REVIEW: HISEA Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

After starting this blog (and the YouTube channel) several years ago, I’m often asked by companies to review their products. In most cases, I ignore the emails. Most things they want me to review aren’t direct related to the garden. However, HISEA recently contacted me to ask if I would like to try out their hiking boots. I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of gardening boots for months, so I agreed. For the sake of transparency, this is not a paid post. However, they did send me this paid free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. And that’s what it will be, completely honest.

According to the HISEA website, these boots retail for $49.99. I have always preferred to wear hiking boots in the garden, as they are tough enough to withstand most of the chores that I need to accomplish throughout the day. I was really pleased to see that that the treads (above) of these boots appearance to be quite tough. Though I have yet to test the boots on a slippery surface, they have faired exceptionally well across the terrain in my yard.

These boots boast the ability to keep your feet dry and warm. I always appreciate when shoes are waterproof, as wet socks are truly something that I hate. The boots seem to run true-to-size, but were quite a bit wider than I was used to. In this summer, this made them feel a little bit larger than I’m used to. However, this means that there is more than enough room to wear the boots of with a quality pair of wool socks for hiking in the winter time. Definitely a bonus!

I definitely think I could wear this on a long hike. Since the boots feature memory foam, they were extremely comfortable. I was also really pleased to find that the shoe strings were extra long, allowing me to tie the boots as tightly or as loosely as needed. The materials used and overall construction seemed to be of high quality and offered support to both my arches and ankles.

As with all HISEA products, these boots also come with a lifetime warranty. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how this pair will hold up when I put them to the true test throughout the rest of this growing season. What do you think? Have you ever tried HISEA boots before? I’d love to hear more about your experiences down in the comment section below. Thank you so much for visiting the blog!



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