• Sowing Biennial Flower Seeds into Trays for the Cut Flower Garden

      When I talk about sowing biennial flowers, I will be the first to admit that I use the term “biennial” very loosely. In general, the term biennial should be used to refer to plants that take two seasons to grow and bloom. However, I tend to call things “biennial” when they may be truly perennial. Either way, of all the seeds I’m planting into trays today – I treat them the same. I sow the seeds around the middle of August, then transplant them into the garden around the first week of October. They then overwinter and bloom the following year. I wish I could be more helpful in…

  • March Week One Update

    Hi Lovelies, Brace yourselves! This post has a lot of pictures. Just a quick peek at ¬†nearly everything¬†that’s going on right now! Let’s all just hope that this warmer weather will keep on coming our way! Not pictured is the progress on the dahlia tubers that I’ve started for cuttings. The reason? Well, it looks like a GIANT FAILURE. More on that soon! Much love!