• March Week One Update

    Hi Lovelies, Brace yourselves! This post has a lot of pictures. Just a quick peek at ¬†nearly everything¬†that’s going on right now! Let’s all just hope that this warmer weather will keep on coming our way! Not pictured is the progress on the dahlia tubers that I’ve started for cuttings. The reason? Well, it looks like a GIANT FAILURE. More on that soon! Much love! Advertisements Advertisements

  • 5 Easy Annuals For Your First Cutting Garden

    Hi Lovelies, Well, folks. It’s not been a good morning. It’s still cold and rainy, and I woke to find that I’d somehow managed to chip my tooth in my sleep? Ugh. Oh well, Blog-tober must go on. As you may or may not know, my goal is to make a post somewhere on the blog everyday this month – so if you’ve missed the first two posts, feel free to browse around. Now, onto the good stuff. One thing that I hear on Instagram pretty frequently is that people seem to “dream” about fields of flowers and whatnot. The fact of the matter is, you don’t need a giant…

  • Growing Pro Cut Brilliance Sunflowers

    Hi Lovelies, So, I won’t lie – I’m starting to really enjoy writing these posts, and somehow they’ve managed to morph into reviews. I personally like the direction that I’ve taken because I know I like to extensively investigate anything that I plan to grow, and one aspect of that is seeing what other gardeners with real-life experience have to say about the varieties I’m trying. Obviously, conditions will vary from year to year, but it’s good to know at least a baseline of you may expect during the growing season. Another reason I do so much “Googling” when I’m planning the garden is because I don’t trust seed catalogs.…