• Harvesting Onions from the Garden

    When it comes to growing onions, I can confidently say that I am a failure. I’ve tried so many times, yet I always manage to come up with less than ideal results. I see people in the Pacific northwest grow enormous onions. Maybe my weather here in the south is just too hot? I’ve heard that you really need to feed these plants A LOT of nitrogen. Maybe I’m simply not adding enough throughout the growing season.   Before you leave a comment about day length, don’t worry. I’m definitely planting the right types of onions for my growing zone. It’s just regardless of the method I choose – onion…

  • Transplanting Onion and Leek Plants from Dixondale Farms

    It’s time for transplanting onion and leek plants! I absolutely love onions and leeks. However, my record in growing said onions and leeks isn’t exactly the best. As a beginner gardener, my luck growing these crops was terrible. Everything I read had told me that I should grow onions from sets in the spring. Automatically, I assumed that this was the best course of action. A few years went by, and the results of my onion plantings was absolutely pathetic. Once I discovered the winter sowing method, things started to shift in a much better direction. The first year that I winter sowed intermediate onions for my garden was also…

  • Winter Sowing Results Pt. 2 + Garden Update – Week 2 – April 2018

    Finally! We finally had two days – count them, TWO – of beautiful weather. I’ll admit, I was beginning to lose patience and faith in the fact that I would ever be able to finally transplant my snapdragons and lettuce into the garden – but I got it done! Hooray! Just wanted to quickly check in on the progress of my winter sowing containers, as well as show you what’s blooming in the garden. Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy, and happy gardening!