• Using Anemones as Cut Flowers

    Hi Lovelies, Seriously, by this time, you’ve got to be getting tired of seeing me take all these pictures of anemone coronaria and rant on and on about how much I love them. That’s what happens when you’re the first flower to bloom in the spring – I’m going to celebrate like nobody’s business. Anyhow, today I’d thought I’d try to ramble on about how I go about picking them for a vase. It’s already late. Of course it is! Did you really think I’d be blogging at a decent hour? Nope. Step one is obvious, make sure are your tools and buckets are clean and ready to go! Anyhow,…

  • A Post about the Cold and Other Stuff?

    Hi Lovelies, It looks like winter is officially here. It’s been colder and I’ve been “babying” the ranunculus in the polytunnel on the extra cold nights. I’ll talk more about that in a second. Things seem to be way busier than they should be right now. But, it’s definitely been “one of those” weeks. Just today, when I was dragging the grocery bags into my house – the neighbors opened their bedroom window and started screaming profanities at me. At first, I didn’t think they were talking to me, why would they be? But, it turns out they were – and why, you may wonder? Well, it was because I…

  • ‘Bordeaux’ Anemone Love Affair

    Hi Lovelies, So, it’s obviously still early in the season. I’m far from ready to reach my final conclusion about any of the new anemone varieties that I’m trying this year, but after seeing some more ‘Bordeaux’ open up, I absolutely have to share the pictures with someone! I hope you enjoy! Love to hear how your doing in the comments, and don’t forget to follow me on all of those media places! Much love!

  • November Garden Update

    Hi Lovelies, Long time, no see. Well, the leaves have completely fallen here. This means that with the exception of the plants in the hoophouse, the hardy annuals are completely covered beneath a nice layer. While some folks like to rake and rake, I don’t, so I just let them be. That’s the great thing about nature: it’s nature. I think sometimes we get a little too caught up in trying to control things. Unlike windstorms and flooding, this is something that the good ole’ mum does that’s helpful and awesome. Plus, she has a lot more experience at building great soil than I do. I thought I would quickly…