• DIY Hoop House for Cut Flowers – Year 2 Update

    One of the most game changing aspects of the garden for me has to be the addition of the unheated hoop house. I constructed this one made out of pvc last fall. I’m happy to say that the structure survived the summer, and it’s now time to cover it for another growing season this winter.┬á Being totally honest, there are some parts of the structure that look pretty rough. Specifically, I’ve gone through and secured all of the pvc joints with tons and tons of duct tape. It’s not glamorous, but we’re on a budget. It might not be the prettiest thing ever, but as long as it gets the…

  • Blanket Flower Seeds

    Winter Sowing Celery and Celeriac in Zone 6b/7

    Winter sowing celery is one of the best ways I’ve found to produce large seedlings. In general, both celery and celeriac seedlings have the tendency to grow painfully slow. Even when started under grow lights indoors, it may take them quite few weeks to finally reach a size large enough for the home garden. It wasn’t until I began to implement the winter sowing method into my garden that I was finally able to get results. Even so, celery has never really been my strong point. Though my stems are large to enough to harvest and use, they come no where near to that which you see at the grocery…

  • Spinach Seeds

    Winter Sowing Spinach in Zone 6b/7

    Winter Sowing Spinach Winter sowing spinach is awesome! I feel like I’ve mentioned it a thousand times, but I absolutely love spinach. As someone who doesn’t have the healthiest of eating habits, spinach is delightful. From the texture to the inoffensive taste, spinach is a great choice for me and my journey to making better choices. Depending upon where you live, the process of growing spinach can be a little bit tricky. People will mild climates can likely plant it throughout the year. However, here in my hot summer garden spinach is not happy. Here in zone 7ish, the general advice seems to be that spinach should be planted in…